de lekkerste hits om op te (stijl)dansen

139last waltz1967amer. Walz

j83a night like this2009arg. Tango

179stand by me1961bachata

925there is a kind of hush1967bachatta

892itsy teeny weeny1960cha cha

881come a little bit closer1965cha cha

222sugar sugar1969cha cha

29be my day1974cha cha

453morning sky1975cha cha

456una paloma blance1975cha cha

j9be my baby1977cha cha

420september1978cha cha

502cuba1979cha cha

312billy jean1982cha cha

99i can see clearly now1982cha cha

146i can see clearly now1982cha cha

j77billy jean1982cha cha

208uptown girl1983cha cha

j45believe1987cha cha

484are you ready for loving me1990cha cha

646what is love1992cha cha

s16missisippi1992cha cha

569dromen zijn bedrog1994cha cha

57dromen zijn bedrog1994cha cha

20bangerhart1996cha cha

j41hartslag1997cha cha

j166let´s get loud1999cha cha

106angel2001cha cha

416cold heart2021cha cha

328havenzangers medley1000eng. Wals

13amsterdam medley1000eng. Wals

440dries roelvink medley1000eng. Wals

458droomland1950eng. Wals

460kleine greetje uit de polder1950eng. Wals

j170droomland1950eng. Wals

643que sera sera1956eng. Wals

943hell have to go1959eng. Wals

298woodenheart1961eng. Wals

907aan de amsterdamse grachten1962eng. Wals

986moonriver1962eng. Wals

j88spiegelbeeld1963eng. Wals

944funny familiar forgotten feeling1967eng. Wals

403tennessee waltz1969eng. Wals

532vaya con dios1972eng. Wals

153meisje ik ben een zeeman1980eng. Wals

464o amsterdam wat ben je mooi1994eng. Wals

651adieu cherie1995eng. Wals

710oh amsterdam medley2004eng. Wals

674toen ik geld had had ik vrienden2009eng. Wals

35de smokkelaar2010eng. Wals

237you got it1960foxtrot  

45dans je de hele nacht met mij1966foxtrot  



81listen to the music1972foxtrot  

s31mamma mia1975foxtrot  

s103don´t go breaking my heart1976foxtrot  

275go your own way1977foxtrot  

114ik wil met jou dansen1998foxtrot  


379als de nacht verdwijnt2003foxtrot  

597laat de zon in je hart2006foxtrot  


325leef als een zigeuner2011foxtrot  

474comment ca va2017foxtrot  

451why tell me why2017foxtrot  

721heaven must be missing an angel1976hustle

723relight my fire1980hustle

72everybody loves some body1947jazz


287born to be wild1968jerk

938sultan of swing1977jerk

S32paradise by the dashboard light1977jerk

505don´t you1985jerk


32bye bye love1957jive

296return to sender1962jive

437triny lopez medley1963jive

872Saturday night at the movies1965jive

115i´m a believer1966jive



493love really hurts wihout you1976jive

s101making your mind up1981jive

84wake me up before you gogo1984jive

278when the going gets tough1986jive

870dance the night away1998jive

j192girl girl2004jive

203ik ben verliefd2010jive

j72something gotte hold on me2010jive


992save the last dance for me2005latin

603no women no cry2008latin

985it´s not unusual1965mambo

s2time of my life1987mambo


381puppet on a string1967paso doble

j99puppet on a string1967paso doble

17viva espagna1972paso doble

j2ik krijg een heel apart gevoel van binnen1976paso doble

329ghost riiders in the sky1979paso doble

386s´nacht na tweeen1986paso doble

j50e viva espagna2009paso doble

304the most beautiful girl1955popcorn

267dream lover1959popcorn

554california dreamer1965popcorn

828san francisco1967popcorn

735calender girl1969popcorn

879rock the boat1974popcorn

j14ich bin wie du1975popcorn

911let your love flow1985popcorn

j76i will follow him1992popcorn

41daar bij de waterkant1953quick step

368oh lonsesome me1958quick step

454hello marry lou1961quick step

177quando1962quick step

361thousand eyes1962quick step

91ring of fire1963quick step

235you can´t hurry love1966quick step

S99you can´t hurry love1966quick step

131here comes my baby1967quick step

104help yourself1968quick step

38congratulations1968quick step

95little green back1969quick step

515keep on smiling1970quick step

611country roads1971quick step

922het is weer voorbij die mooie zomer1973quick step

202tie a yellow ribbon1973quick step

447radar love1973quick step

119sugar baby love1974quick step

832papa was a poor men1974quick step

76foxy foxtrot   1975quick step

S12save all your kisses for me1976quick step

225met de vlam in de pijp1978quick step

s105you´re the one that i want1978quick step

66matador1979quick step

638weekend1979quick step

633some broke heart1980quick step

878i´m so excited1984quick step

j82love me just a little bit more1984quick step

248ik meen het1985quick step

111ik meen het1985quick step

62een eigen huis1989quick step

112i´ve been thinking about you1990quick step

129kingston town1990quick step

663neh nah nah nah1990quick step

52uit m´n bol1993quick step

173per spoor1996quick step

338verdampt ich liebe dich1996quick step

540als de morgen is gekomen2006quick step

s73de soldaat2006quick step

709valerie2007quick step

j171this is the life2007quick step

j8valerie2007quick step

669jij denkt maar dat je alles mag2008quick step

951umbrella2009quick step

201wake me up2013quick step

j19wake me up2013quick step

659foxy foxtrot beat2014quick step

290kom van dat dak1959rock & roll

51dat is de liefde2010rock & roll

930all i have to do is dream1958rumba



67sealed with a kiss1962rumba

375you´ve lost that loving feeling1965rumba

240something stupid1967rumba


349rhinestown cowboy1972rumba

242always on my mind1972rumba

292always on my mind1972rumba

157my boy1974rumba

s113my boy1974rumba

477save the last dance for me1977rumba

835how deep is your love1977rumba

615please don´t go   1979rumba

s33my endless love1981rumba

489la paloma ade eng1982rumba

490la paloma ade du1982rumba

492la paloma ade 1982rumba

s65island in the stream1982rumba

738hey eng1983rumba

623mijn dorp het is veranderd1984rumba

741den haag1984rumba

259to  all the girls1984rumba

232holding back the years1985rumba


229wicked game1989rumba


662islands in the stream1998rumba

j30if tomorrow never comes2002rumba

863dat ene moment2013rumba




145love is in the air1974samba


784nice and slow1976samba



841amor amor1982samba

354i save the day1984samba

s4 i got yuo babe1985samba


j65i´m alive2002samba


629iko iko2017samba

948fever 1948slow fox

85fly me to the moon1961slow fox

908king off the road1965slow fox

988red roses for a  bleu lady1965slow fox

308raindrops fallin on my head1970slow fox

24imagine1971slow fox

282sung sung bleu1972slow fox

924the old fashion way1973slow fox

360hurt1976slow fox

182isn´t she lovely1980slow fox

j124i will always love you1992slow fox

718a men without love2005slow fox

317du1971slow foxtrot

327meisje met rode haren1972slow foxtrot

175pretty women1964tango

80green green grass of home1965tango

778sweet caroline ma1974tango

627bleu spanish eyes1974tango

s107money money1976tango

999drivers heat1978tango

s6voulez vous1979tango

974that´s amore1953weense wals

666delilah1968weense wals

161nights in white satin1968weense wals

188delilah1968weense wals

641morning has broken1971weense wals

65piano men1973weense wals

619aan de costa del sol1975weense wals

j90aan de costa del sol1975weense wals

777je loog tegen mij1981weense wals

j134zij2005weense wals